MATRËSHKA dollhouse
# of MATRËSHKA dollhouses minted397
# of wallets with at least one MATRËSHKA dollhouse82
# of wallets with 1 MATRËSHKA dollhouse37
# of wallets with 2 MATRËSHKA dollhouses16
# of wallets with 3 MATRËSHKA dollhouses5
# of wallets with 4 MATRËSHKA dollhouses8
# of wallets with 5 to 9 MATRËSHKA dollhouses4
# of wallets with 10 to 19 MATRËSHKA dollhouses7
# of wallets with 20 to 29 MATRËSHKA dollhouses4
# of wallets with 70 to 79 MATRËSHKA dollhouses1
# of MATRËSHKA dollhouses in biggest wallet78
# of MATRËSHKA dollhouses for sale*41

* MATRËSHKA dollhouses that are for sale are also included in the # of wallets counts.

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